Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Name For This Blog...

We have changed the name of this blog due to the high number of complaints we've received about the overall disentigrating quality of the current production Knight muzzleloaders. At one time, Knight Rifles customer service was the best in the muzzleloading industry. We have heard from dozens of new rifle buyers, who have purchased their muzzleloaders since new owners put the line back into production in April 2011, and who are extremely frustrated with trying to deal with the "New" customer service for that company.

Here is a look at one such ordeal...and the outcome -

The vast majority of our modern in-line rifle shooting and testing for this blog will now be conducted with the fine rifles being produced by Traditions Performance Firearms. We will leave some of the posts that are related to Knight Rifles, since all of the shooting was done with Pre 2009 rifles...back when the company was still producing some quality rifles of excellent design.

This is a whole new start for this blog...and we will do our best to make it grow quickly.

Traditions Muzzleloader Hunting

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